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Transparent Edit || Yu Narukami & Yosuke Hanamura


Yeah. Like being a titan for example

Dengeki PlayStation Vol.573 Cover


You ever just realize how lucky you are that you did that weird thing that led to you being friends with the people you are friends with?


okay but consider these

  • 'oh my god im so sorry my dog usually doesnt jump up on people like this i have no idea what their deal is but also hey there'
  • met while jumping into the same pile of freshly raked leaves in a park (alternatively, one jumps in and they met when no 2 kicks said pile of leaves)
  • waiting behind you in line but ‘excuse you me did i just hear you talking shit about my favourite superhero there SON’
  • 3am and the fire alarm in our apartment complex just went off let me lend you my jacket while we wait on the sidewalk
  • it started as one game of ddr in a games acarde/convention and turned into a two hour long battle and i wont let you wiN
  • 'it was raining so hard i wasnt paying attention as i ran into the side of your car/you/your umbrella but were both drenched now and also hey there'
  • eating in the same diner every morning and the waitress ALWAYS mixes up our orders so why dont we just sit at the same table to save her the trouble
  • well were both here to meet a mutual friend to hang out but they dropped out last second and this is awkward as shit huh
  • 'im sorry but your headphones are so loud i can hear them from here and just what the crap do you think youre listening to thats so two thousand and late'
  • 'wait, have we met before?' 'no, i think i wouldve remembered' just in any context just do it okay
  • ghost hunters/haunted house/paranormal investigators au


Haikyuu!! ep.21 | Sugawara Koushi appreciation post


狛枝凪斗 by どすこいゴンザレス
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


Fidet, our 7 year old pembroke welsh corgi.



Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster.

Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster.



Concertina book exploring themes of nature and humankind’s relationship and attitude towards it. Nature is no longer natural, it is cultivated and curated by man in such a way that even the oldest, most sublime areas in the natural world only remain because we allow them to. Here, two characters who live in jungle surroundings discover that their forest was never more that a manmade construct.


i cant stop thinking about yosuke because he keeps happening, with his EPILOGUE SHIRT AND SMALL HAIRCUT AND SHIT


daisuga week day 2: confession / crossover


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